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European house of art gets a regional umbrella

Detmar Oppenkowski, 01:06:10, 19:31, last updated 01:06:10, 20:37

 Schwemsal is a station of the "Culture Trail 2010". Bekir Smolski (left) and Patrick Magnus run the installation, "or before the debate."

Schwemsal / MZ. If the Irish dance teacher, Robert Gabriell, sweeps into his red shoes on the floor of the Gutsscheune Schwemsal, concentration is necessary to remember the sequence of steps and then also put a dancer. Have the audience and participants this internalized once then they know not only how about the basics of Irish dance show "Magic of the Dance" - was here to work Gabriell Co-choreographer - but they have also the first steps on the " Culture Trail 2010 "- that is, the cultural path taken - because today is the Gutsscheune Schwemsal a station on the path.

"The Culture Trail is a project of the association European House of Arts - that of the European house of art - and has eight locations in Europe," said organizer Bob Bales, "18 EU musicians, dancers, actors and other artists stop off in Germany, Hungarian, French, Dutch and English towns. You bid in dance, theater and also many other workshops."

This diversity also impressed Gottfried consecration. He is chairman of the association "Together - Life - Learning Saxony-Anhalt" and has short-term understanding with Bob Bales on the residence of artists in Schwemsal. 'We have received the request 14 days ago, "says Weihe," because of course I agreed, because here is the entire spectrum of European art displayed."

This is exactly Bales also important. "The culture in 2010 has a significant role in the development of European integration and understanding of each other in Europe," he says, "it is important that the different artists come in contact with different people. In this way, a better understanding the peoples of Europe possible. art as a positive medium allows the citizens on the ground, the foreign ambassadors in a familiar environment and friendly atmosphere to enjoy."

Besides the Irish dancers Robert Gabriell illustrates this including the Dutch-Spanish Theater Ensemble "Theatro punto". "Handlungsort is a restaurant kitchen, working in a refugee," says actress Judith Sledd. "In the play, then we can always incorporate the current background and the language of the country in which we act," said Thomas van Ouwerkerk, "and therefore the piece is always different."

That art is always in the eye of the beholder, also shows the double issue of the Belarusians Bekir Smolski and the Dutchman Patrick Magnus. While Smolski is dedicated as a graduate of the Belorussian Academy of stained glass and painting with oil paints and art as a universal language ", of course Magnus has turned to installation art. "An interesting contrast," as well as the Schwemsalerin Gisela Krauss finds. These are precisely the installations to be considered with a wink as the work entitled debate "or die (debating or die). "It's also about this misunderstanding," chuckles Patrick Magnus. "All of these facets show us is important," said Bob Bales, "it is not about the EU, we are concerned with Europe, because people give this Europe a face and shape it."

The program in the Gutsscheune Schwemsal begins today at 14 clock. Focus is inter alia program point of world music and Irish dancing for adults from 19.30 clock.